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The 5G Revolution: Connecting for Impact


The 5G Revolution: Connecting for Impact

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Development of wireless network has progressed at a pace unimaginable during its inception in the 1980’s. Today, after four generations of networks, we are standing at the cusp of the 5G revolution. End to end connectivity enabled by 5G technology is anticipated to revolutionize digital transformation and create nearly $3.6 trillion in economic output. This will result in creation of 22.3 million jobs in the 5G value chain alone by 2025. This report aims to understand what this technology entails, how it will impact various industries and understand the systematic challenges in its path to adoption. This report aims to study the impact of emergence of 5G on various industries using particular use cases. We aim to analyze multiple scenarios and access the overall impact of the same across 3 industries – mainly, healthcare, manufacturing and automotive. Further, it will study the economic and social value added through its adoption by analyzing the overall benefits.