Market research & consumer behaviour

We have worked with clients across a broad spectrum of industries and domains to help them formulate pragmatic strategies for market entry, expansion, growth, diversification, human resources, and supply chain optimisation, among others and thus, developed an expertise in market research and marketing strategy.

How you position your product or services in the market is determined largely by which section of the population comprises your target audience. Knowing your market size and market segment are key to your revenue model. Before you launch your business, let us conduct that research for you. You also need to know your competitors as well as you need to know your customers. What price should you set for your product or service? How many substitutes does your consumer have in the market? Is this buyer very price sensitive?

Our pool of experts and experience with different markets, locales and industries gives us the edge of knowing your competitors and enables us to give you the edge over them. Along with this vast information pool, Emerald Group & The Strategy Boutique deploys various tools and techniques under its ambit of research methodology. Market research can be broadly categorised into primary and secondary research, according to the nature of data collection, and into quantitative and qualitative research, according to the nature of analysis of the data collected.

Primary and secondary research methods using proprietary datasets, surveys, publicly available resources, and other tools. Qualitative and Quantitative research methods, including interviews with key stakeholders, focus groups with target audience and industry experts.

Such extensive analysis is then subjected to our host of internal models and frameworks, that equips us to test your targeted market. These structures include but are not limited to: Industry competitive analysis, Segmentation, targeting and positioning model, Loyalty Matrix, Persona Mapping, User Journey Mapping, Customer Lifetime Value Model etc. These market landscaping mechanisms are made whole with quantifiable results and tangible recommendations which we then facilitate implementation for.

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